Welcome! My goal is to help you get a fit body and a fat wallet. I’ve put the roadmap below together to get you started. It includes all the necessary steps and links to relevant content. Contact me for any questions.

Step 1 : Acknowledge The Need For Change
5 Metrics To Evaluate Your Health
The Risks Of Not Being Healthy
Diseases, Life Expectancy, and Quality Of Life
Taking Responsibility For Your Health
Step 2 : Shift Your Mindset And Talk About It
Understand the best predictors of health
Genetics and health correlation
Psychological health and body health correlation
Step 3 : Learn What’s Healthy And Create A Plan
The 5 Levers Of Health
How to set up sustainable health goalsCreate a Simple Budget in 15 Minutes
Vegetable Colors and Nutritional ValuePay Yourself First And Change Your Life
Step 4 : Apply Changes And Develop Good Habits
One Key Lesson To Stick To Your Goals
Step 5 : Evaluate Your Progress And Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle