healthier and wealthier new year resolutions

Wealthier and Healthier 2020 Resolutions

Here it is, the first day of 2020. What are your resolutions for this year?

This year is special for me : Instead of making only one resolution, the same that I made every year for the last few years, I now have a second one.

My first resolution is to be healthier and wealthier than last year. I’m proud to say that I succeeded at keeping this resolution for the last few years.

My new resolution is to share the things that made me successful with you. My hope is that you can take pieces of what is working for me and apply them in your life. I will share everything on this website.

I’m also very excited to start this journey for another reason : I hope that I will learn a lot from you and be able to apply some pieces of what is working for you in my own life, to make me healthier and wealthier.

Why Healthier and Wealthier?

Why these two very general words? After all, everyone wants to be healthy and wealthy. I don’t have the receipe to a perfect life and happiness. I’m not promising the holy grail of self-help content that will solve all your problems. No such thing exists.

That being said, health and wealth are the two most important blockers to reach our full potential and enjoy life to the fullest. How many times a day do you worry about your health, money, or both?

Me and my wife want to go to Italy later this year. How can we enjoy this trip to the fullest? I want us to have the freedom to walk as much as we need to visit all the interesting attractions and explore cities. I also want us to have the choice to rent a nice and convenient hotel room without worrying about money.  

Vacation is a luxury, but in all other areas of our lives these restrictions related to health and wealth are the biggest stressors. Don’t you wish you could break free and not worry about them anymore? Of course, it is not possible to get rid of them completely. Some people are also luckier than others, for example in regards to genetics.

Given the hand that you were dealt, how can you work towards maximizing your health and your wealth? How can you work on worrying less and enjoying more? It’s all about closing the gap in between the situation you are in now and where you want to be.

This journey has no end. You will never reach perfect health and wealth. This journey, if you want to take with me, is about constantly improving and enjoying the process.

What is required?

Becoming healthier and wealthier is not easy to do and requires some effort. You might start going the gym again, eating less unhealthy food, and changing your spending habits. Would you be surprised to learn that motivation is not the most important ingredient to start this journey? What is it then?

Introspection, or the examination of your internal psychological and emotional processes, is key to becoming healthier and wealthier. If you can’t understand and admit to yourself which habit is good or bad for you, then you have no foundation to work on. Without introspection life is essentially taking decisions for you.

You don’t have to talk about your own introspection with others since it is a very personal thing. Family and friends can help you, but beware of their own biases. In general, the people who can help you the most with your introspection are the ones that are able to do it for themselves.

What to expect?

To become healthier and wealthier you actually need to take better decisions and create better habits for yourself. That’s easy to say for me, but where and how to start such a process? Start with finding reliable information and insights that can help you understand and plan the next steps.

That’s exactly what I intend to share with you on this site. I will touch many topics such as exercise, nutrition, cooking, relationships, travelling, saving, investing, shopping, and more. You’re probably thinking : “That’s a lot of content to create all by himself!” And you’re totally right.

Sometimes I will create content myself, but other times I will collaborate with professionals to bring you the most relevant and accurate insights. Regardless if it comes from me or not, the goal of every single piece of content will always be to bring you closer to your full health and wealth potential.

What makes this site different?

Whether content comes from me or my contributors, you can trust that I will do all that I can to give you reliable, fact-based information and insights. My profession is Data Scientist, and so you can imagine how important reliable data and rigorous analysis is to me.

I will also try my best to separate my opinion from the facts to make sure that you can create your own opinion easily. I enjoy confronting opinions and looking at problems from many angles to fully understand a topic. I want you to have the full picture before taking any decision for yourself.

All the data that will used will be available for you to inspect and analyze if you want to.

Let’s start this journey together!

Why not use this day to start a new journey towards becoming healthier and wealthier?

I would be very happy to hear about you, your resolutions, and what you intend to do to reach your goal this year. Please, leave me a comment or contact me.

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